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Towanda! is my power word. What’s a power word, you ask? It is what I say–well, the truth is I like to yell it out loud, while raising my hand above my head like a warrior–when I want or need to dig deep and invoke my inner Super Power Woman!

This area is dedicated to helping other women find and align with their own Super Power Woman. Here you’ll find tips, stories, quotes and insights to releasing your strength!

To get you started, here is a little more about identifying your own Super Power Woman:

Today I want to talk to my fabulous sisters about who you really think you are and the art of faking it!

If you are currently suffering Dolly Doormat Syndrome–you know, your kids, husband, family, friends, employer, neighbors, and just about anyone who crosses your path thinks your sole purpose in life is to serve them–and you can’t seem to say NO (or to tell them to “bite this” while grabbing yourself), this is the first step to empowerment!

Close your eyes–not right now, or you can’t finish reading this! Once you’ve finished reading, close your eyes; imagine your ideal Super Power Woman (she lives inside you!). If you want to be sexy, strong, and stylish, imagine yourself like Wonder Woman, but remember you’re not going to continue saving the world like WW does, this is about YOU. Maybe your Super Power Woman is a boot-wearing, ass-stomping, muscle-bound cowgirl; or is she the outwardly mild-mannered, conservative who is really a fire-breathing dragon in disguise?  The idea is this:  When you feel overburdened, under appreciated, and walked on, how do you really want to respond?  I’m not suggesting you engage in bad behavior, but use it to identify your Super Power Woman!

Once you have your Super Power Woman in mind, you need to name her. It’s up to you whether or not you ever tell anyone else of your alter ego–but you will be invoking her persona in your behavior–so feel free to pick a name you like and find power in. We’re creating an alter ego here, so go for something outside the box! If your name is Anne, don’t go for Annabel…that has “please continue treating me like a friggin’ doormat” all over it! Try something like Jaguar or Boots. If you are a meek, conservative, room-mother by nature, tap into your inner biotch and get yourself a stripper name! (Seriously, don’t make me explain how strippers are Power Women!).

After you have your Super Power Woman image and name, select a Power Word!  This is going to be your instant access pass to all the power and fabulosity of your Super Power Woman! For example, my Super Power Woman is a version of Kathy Bates–specifically the parking lot scene in Fried Green Tomatoes, although there are days I would love to invoke the Misery character! I have named my Super Power Woman “Towanda!” and this is also my Power Word. This is like the Power Rangers saying “Power Up!”  If you hear me yell TOWANDA! you know the earth is going to start quaking!

So do you feel a little silly? You should! This should be outside the norm for you…you don’t need to continue acting like the you everyone else identifies with, you need to act like the you that you identify with! Chances are that you has been out of sight and silent for a good long time and she is ready to be released!

Oh, you know, maybe I should have said this earlier, but I’ll say it now so pay attention:

I never, ever encourage you or support you in taking violent, unlawful, or harmful action against yourself or any other living, breathing thing! True empowerment comes from stepping into your own light, never by diminishing another’s light! I am all about being an amazing, strong, powerful, but good woman and want the same for you. Sure, I might talk a little about ball-busting, but it’s never meant in the physical sense…we (women) can learn to set and adhere to boundaries, outwit our opponents, and advance our lives in positive ways! I want you to keep the kind-hearted you, just grow a pair!

Now that we’re clear about that…back to the task at hand. You’ve got your persona, your name and your power word. Now practice responding to an unwanted request for a favor, to your efforts being unappreciated, to someone overstepping your boundaries. You want to be firm–snarkiness is optional, but in my opinion, not as effective, but it’s a start. Imagine how you will respond when the next person is just too much!

Now fake it, sister! Your Super Power Woman challenge today is to invoke your alter ego and respond strongly to ONE request/demand/boundary violation! Step into how she (your Super Power Woman) would respond, draw from her strength, and let her fire power you. It’s like putting on a costume–you act in a different way. While I’m not suggesting wearing costumes, it would be funny!  However, all you need to do is mentally connect with your alter ego character and fake the power, confidence, and bravado that will eventually become a real part of who you are! Word of warning:  start small! I honestly used to get dizzy when I tried being snarky to people…not exactly a strong statement to others!  Also, please be selective about what you choose to respond to–don’t ever put yourself in harm’s way!

I would love to hear from you–post your comments below. What Super Power Name and word did you choose? How did you decide on them? What do they mean for you?

That’s all I’ve got for now! Enjoy all the fabulosity of you today!


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