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Creative Writing

I love to write! One of my guilty pleasures in partaking in Velvet Verbosity’s  100 Word Challenge at every opportunity.  When migrating past posts from my old blog, I decided to separate the 100 Word Challenge posts here. Going forward, I will continue to post them as regular blog entries, but also archive all entries here.

December 8, 2011

What follows is in response to this week’s word, “Bundle.”

My response is born of frustration! I am often amazed by how narrowly others see me. They see what they want to see–or in some cases, what I allow them to see–and that colors their perception of and response to me. I then have to figure out how to dance within or expand their framework. I will never be transparent, but it would be so much easier if others realized there is much more than what’s on the surface!

I believe the following is something most of us, if not all of us, can relate to.


I know the look; it is the look that asks, “Just who are you?” I see it when another realizes something new about me. It comes when my jovial self is hidden during tragedy. It comes when my innocence is replaced with brazen courage. It comes when I act outside their norm.

People see me as fragments to fit into their world. I’m more. I’m an incredible bundle of love, joy, sass, intellect, humor, insecurity, creativity, opinion, and myriad thoughts and feelings.

I reserve the whole for myself. Others receive neat little packets of me; perhaps with an occasional surprise!

It’s probably no shocker that The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies. Discovering what is hidden or unknown is often the most important part of our life’s story! Of course, those fabulous red shoes run a close second.

December 5, 2011

The word this week is “Escape.”

While I’m not an escapist when it comes to tough situations, I’m a big believer in creative play time. When we are able to suspend our analytic, stress-invoking thoughts, even for a few moments,  it often leads to greater productivity, enhanced problem-solving, increased energy and living with more personal authenticity.

While I often appear to be engaging in frivolity, I’m actually recharging. There truly is a method to my madness! Try it, you might like it :)


The empty plastic storage bin on the floor is irresistible. Soon it and a paper circle become a high-performance racecar to a four-year old. His giggles draw me into his exciting world of hairpin turns, close calls, and squealing tires!

This spontaneous creativity is as natural—and as necessary–as breathing when we’re young. It shapes us, it teaches us how to operate in the world, and allows us to see things in new ways.

We age and become mired in reality and abandon this wonderful spontaneous escape from confinement. For our release, we must remember how to play again!

November 17, 2011

The word this week is “Snow.” I have a love/hate relationship with snow! I love it from a distance, hate having to maneuver through it. While pondering the word, I realized there are several slang words that incorporate the word in less than flattering ways. Apparently, I’m not the only one with a love/hate perspective! What follows is my response to the prompt and a further examination of snow.

Duplicitous Snow

A child with face turned toward the sky in awed silence as the tiny new flakes—so delicate they appear as diamond dust—fall softly against lashes.

A clean blanket muffles the earth in quiet. Skiers swoosh through deep drifts. Sunlight bounces and blinds.

Dirty piles of wasted snow clog the streets; no longer fun or enchanting.

We loose our wonderment and snow becomes a four-letter word. We become victims of a snow job, or we go gray and speak of snow on the roof.

Again seeking pleasure, some turn to the white powder innocently called Snow.

Snow, evil duplicity!

November 11, 2011

The word this week is “Writing.”

As previously mentioned, I have committed to the NaNoWriMo challenge of writing a novel of at least 50,000 words, in thirty days. This has caused both the giddy excitement of “I’m doing this!” and the constant knot in the pit of my stomach, but I am not willing to throw in the white towel!

My response to the prompt allows me to crack the seal just enough to release a little of the pressure I’ve felt building!

Writing, soon.

The blank page beckons. I hear its insistent call, like a two-year old crying for attention. Busy, I respond, “Not now, but soon.”

The day slips by and I hope to grasp a few minutes of writing later, but then sleep beckons. It is in sleep I am most tortured! The characters in my head grow larger and more restless, demanding to be released and set free on paper. I bargain for sleep, by promising, “I will free you in a little while.”

I return to restless slumber, knowing tomorrow we will perform the same dance of pursuit and evasion.

October 31, 2011

The word this week is “Halloween.”

This week Velvet Verbosity not only gave us a challenge word/theme, but also the challenge to “scare the ever-lovin’ crap out of me.”  I love 100 Word Challenge because it is a challenge. However, not being a fan of Halloween, scary things, or the macabre, this week is a tough one for me! I did my best to stretch and tap into my inner creep, the result is what follows:

Happy Halloween, My Precious!

Her kids are giddy with excitement, costumes billowing behind them. She sits silently watching them go. Bile rising, she clenches her jaw and swallows it all–the tears, the fear, the regret, and most of all the knowing. One promise and now a lifetime of secrets and inflicted pain; it’s the price.

It is his day and like always, he will come for her payment. She has one choice—renew the pact or he will turn her children, too. The doorbell rings and she sees the lone boy’s cherubic face. This one will do.

October 22, 2011

The word this week is “Quiet”.

Perhaps it is the approach of Halloween and the magic in the air, but my response to this week’s 100 Word Challenge seemed to write itself…and exactly 100 words without attempt or editing. It’s light, but hopefully you get the sense of anticipation and whimsy I did as I typed it!

Shush, be quiet!

She was nearly invisible. Nobody notices the caretaker, dusting, rearranging, stacking. They don’t notice the slight smile that crosses her face or the flash of light in her eyes throughout the day. She giggles inside each time she hears the librarian shush someone. How foolishly they all believe a library is a place of quiet. The minutes tick by, so close to closing time; again she smiles! The moment the doors are locked, the words of a thousand lives and thousand places spill forth and she welcomes the cacophony of life locked within the pages! The library is alive!

September 30, 2011

The word this week is “Widened”.

As the car climbs the mountain road, the fissure begins. I simultaneously feel the warmth of the morning sunlight and the cool fall air; the fissure widens. The wind blows an eagle’s cry across the fog filled valley; the golden leaves dance as they vacate their summer home. I feel the thunder of emotion begin to roll, and then the hard shell falls away from my heart! Each fall I return here with hopeful anticipation, will it happen? She–this place, the magic–does not fail me and has again widened the river of my soul beyond my bodily confines!

September 23, 2011

The word this week is “Occupy”.

Dear Distraction,

When did we become some great companions? Each day, I find you waiting for me, beckoning me—sometimes with a whisper, other times with a demand. You often appear as a friend, causing me to believe my day is filled with great moments of doing. You also appear as foe, causing me to forget my keys, where I’ve parked, and even my child! As I fall into bed—the one I began to make hours ago before turning to another task—I ask, Distraction, that you now go occupy someone else’s life so I may rest a while.

September 15, 2011

The word this week is “Inhibited”.

I hear the initial notes, soft and delicate. I close my eyes and let the music fill me, expand me, and reach out to you, through me. The song is tender, but powerful. I am reminded of being swaddled by my mother, her lips brushing my cheek as her tears fell. As I listen now, I understand. I look down at you, softly kiss your cheek and watch my tears fall onto your downy head. In this moment my inhibited joy escapes me through sound, through touch, and through teardrops. One day you will know the power of this song.


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