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What Does “Value” Mean to You?

Each morning, weather permitting, my husband and I share coffee on the porch. These few minutes are ours to catch up before the world of “have-to’s” interferes. The other day he made a comment that did not sit well with me–and I will share that in a minute–and then a day or two later he […]

Distractions, Road Trips and Clarity

I’m going to start this post by stating, I freakin’ love synchronicity! I got up this morning knowing I was going to blog about my recent distractions and how those, along with a recent road trip, have led me to clarity. As I gathered my thoughts and checked FB, I noticed Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word […]

A Lesson From My Fish

One of my favorite enhancements to our home is my fish pond. Hearing the soothing sound of falling water and watching the languid movement of the fish bring balance, appreciation, and tranquility to each day. Last week that tranquility was shattered. It was with dismay I realized one of the largest fish had wedged itself […]

Is An Optimistic Skeptic an Oxymoron?

If I had to identify myself based on my primary outlook, I am definitely an optimist. I’m a glass half full, it will all work out, can-do kind of woman. However, I question everything I hear. Some would say that is good, it means I’m curious. I am curious! But, I’m also a skeptic, especially […]