Internal Gyroscope

Years and years ago, we had a high school assembly during which a man demonstrated the effects of a gyroscope. While I do not recall the exact details, what I do recall, and have kept forefront in my memories all these years, is the lesson: no matter how you turn the item containing the gyroscope, […]

One Step Gratitude

Good day and many apologies for neglecting you lately! For some reason, the lazy days of summer seem to be a misnomer in my world. However, today I managed a few glorious minutes respite on my porch. It was then I realized how effortlessly I have remained in a state of nearly constant gratitude, despite the hectic […]

The Pain of Life

If you know me or have come to know me through my blog, you realize how much I love life. You know I am an upbeat and optimistic person, willing to take the best from any situation and dispense with the rest. However, I am not oblivious to or insulated from the painful experiences of […]

Top Ten Ways to Elevate Your Life

The Yellow Kite is all about sharing my stories and insights in the hope I can help others elevate their lives to the levels they want and deserve. Today I’d like to share a quick-reference method to elevating your life, in any situation. Before I post the list, I’d like to suggest you do a quick visualization before […]