Personal Growth & Awareness

The Summer that Tried to Consume Me

I have started this blog post umpteen times. Each time I sat down to write it, something either distracted me, I had a computer glitch or the words simply did not flow. If the writing doesn’t come easily to me, I know either the message I want to share isn’t the right one, or the […]

Internal Gyroscope

Years and years ago, we had a high school assembly during which a man demonstrated the effects of a gyroscope. While I do not recall the exact details, what I do recall, and have kept forefront in my memories all these years, is the lesson: no matter how you turn the item containing the gyroscope, […]

Life Through Many Lenses

Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyone’s eyes. — Unknown The above quote showed up on my Facebook page this morning. It was just the impetus I needed to write about an email I recently received from a reader–I will refer to […]

Daring to Bare Me

Good day my friends! Today’s topic–Daring to Bare Me–challenges me in the biggest way. It is with trepidation I am going to share something very intimate about myself. Even as I begin this post, I wonder if I will finish it and hit publish; I wonder if this is the right thing to do; I […]

Happy New Year; Happy New Day!

Dear friends, As I pondered what to write as we come to the end of this year, so many thoughts, advice, stories, cautions, and remembrances swirled through my head. I considered sharing a list of life lessons; but then again, you can get those by Googling or on Facebook. I could share a Top Ten Ways to […]

My Christmas Promise

As I fired up Face Book this morning, I was met with reminders of today’s events, along with the realization that today is December 19th. I literally asked, “What? How can it be the 19th already?” That means I have only a few more days to get my Christmas preparations done. My mind started racing […]

Top Ten Ways to be Appropriately Assertive

Today’s post is inspired by the recent presidential debates we have endured on television. In my opinion, neither the presidential nor vice presidential candidates receive exemplary marks for their behaviors.  And while I give props to one moderator, the other could step up his game. This is not a political blast, but rather a simple […]