Daring to Bare Me

Good day my friends! Today’s topic–Daring to Bare Me–challenges me in the biggest way. It is with trepidation I am going to share something very intimate about myself. Even as I begin this post, I wonder if I will finish it and hit publish; I wonder if this is the right thing to do; I […]

Morning Time

Good morning! As I sit down to write this post, I realize, having started my day at 3:40 am,  I have nearly three hours of work under my belt. Really? It feels as if I’ve been up only a few minutes. This is what happens when I’m fully engaged in a task, without distraction. And, […]

The Top Ten Basic Daily Self-Care Habits

After a couple insanely busy weeks of back-to-back, time-consuming and physically exhausting projects, I’m back to blogging! During my marathon projects–which included rebuilding our water garden, giving my bedroom and bathroom a major face lift, and completing a client’s project–I maintained my energy and balance, for the most part. However, I noticed myself slipping a […]

Top Ten Self-Care Habits

Here we are just over a month into the new year. How many of you made a resolution to improve your health? How’s that going? I’ve heard from several people they’ve already slipped, haven’t made the progress they hoped, or haven’t even gotten started! Often we set unreasonable expectations for ourselves. It’s like driving a […]

The Top Ten Ways to Establish Good Sleeping Habits

Welcome to Friday’s Top Ten List! I am moving a bit slowly today because I’ve not slept well the past couple of nights. Some of you may think that is no big deal, especially if you haven’t slept well in years. I know your pain! I, too, suffered from chronic sleep deprivation. Sadly, I became […]

Paula Deen? Why not blame Winnie the Pooh?

Sharing this article I came across this morning, as it fits in with my Golden Rule! It may not be a popular stand to take, but in all things we have CHOICES to make and the responsibility to make them. For one moment, imagine you’re at the end of your life, standing before your maker, […]

What’s Your Filter’s Rating?

I used to fight a constant battle with dust in my house. Regardless how vigilant I was to pet hair and other airborne particles, I couldn’t win. That is until I realized the most effective method to dust reduction is to use filters with higher efficiency ratings! By replacing my air and vacuum filters with […]