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To Get the Warm Fuzzies, Try This…

Several years ago I endured a series of events that caused me to question my friendships. All of them. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty now, but the crux of it is this: I am a giving person and found myself giving–often times not willingly, but because I had been cornered into it or because […]

Life Through Many Lenses

Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyone’s eyes. — Unknown The above quote showed up on my Facebook page this morning. It was just the impetus I needed to write about an email I recently received from a reader–I will refer to […]

Morning Time

Good morning! As I sit down to write this post, I realize, having started my day at 3:40 am,  I have nearly three hours of work under my belt. Really? It feels as if I’ve been up only a few minutes. This is what happens when I’m fully engaged in a task, without distraction. And, […]

Potato Soup, War Horse and Hometown Memories

I’m definitely an “in the moment” type woman. I don’t dwell on the past, and while I anticipate the future, I truly live today for today. Being such, it often surprises me when I find myself in a loop of memories. I don’t mean the sporadic memory triggered by a song or a scent, but […]

Happy New Year; Happy New Day!

Dear friends, As I pondered what to write as we come to the end of this year, so many thoughts, advice, stories, cautions, and remembrances swirled through my head. I considered sharing a list of life lessons; but then again, you can get those by Googling or on Facebook. I could share a Top Ten Ways to […]

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s with embarrassment I realize how long it’s been since my last blog post. Contrary to what some believe, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. However, I did fall down the proverbial rabbit hole! In my life, falling down the rabbit hole represents an unintentional diversion from daily practices, routine, habits, […]

Top Ten Ways to be Appropriately Assertive

Today’s post is inspired by the recent presidential debates we have endured on television. In my opinion, neither the presidential nor vice presidential candidates receive exemplary marks for their behaviors.  And while I give props to one moderator, the other could step up his game. This is not a political blast, but rather a simple […]