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You’ll find links to other great, interesting, relevant (and maybe not-so-relevant) blogs and websites here! If you have a blog or site you’d like to submit for inclusion, shoot me an email at theyellowkite@gmail.com


Heidi Courtney, life coach, draws from her own “Joie de vivre” (joy of life) and connection with her beautiful Colorado surroundings to help others relax into the natural rhythms of life. She helps others to empower themselves and transform their lives by adding some laughter and joy back into an otherwise overly serious existence. See what Heidi has to offer over at TheMuse4You.

Heidi and I have collaborated on several projects and we are currently working on some group coaching programs to bring to you in the near future!


Lissa Rankin, MD is an integrative medicine physician, author, speaker, artist, and founder of the women’s online health and wellness community OwningPink.com.


Lisa Nally has been engaged in various aspects of marketing for twenty-six years. During the past ten years, Lisa’s primary focus has been directed towards the huge growth and opportunities in marketing online and online community building.  Over at MarketingToTheUniverse, Lisa shares a collection of articles from the best social media experts as well as helpful tips on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Lisa is the go-to girl for marketing non-profits, small business and real estate.

Erika Napoletano is the Head Redhead at RHW Media, a Denver-based online strategies consultancy. Her blog, RedheadWriting, is a bastion for “unpopular thoughts and blunt advice – delivered” and consistently strives to say what others won’t and don’t (but should) about marketing, social media, business integrity and life in general.


Kat provides us with a fun, sassy, poignant blog about real life over at SassyIrishLassie. Kat, also know as the Lassie, is a funky and sassy girl with a lot of spunk. A bit devilish in nature, an avid soccer player, and her must haves include coffee, chocolate and sleep! Married to Hubby and has two mischievous leprechauns, one dog, two cats, one ball python and lots of chaos! Pop in and have a pint as Kat shares moments of her life!


Velvet Verbosity, inventor of Geeky-Sexy, writer of words, protector of the 100 Word Challenge, and photography dabbler is a woman of heart and mind. At VelvetVerbosity you will find little pieces of both.  VV is my guilty pleasure and you will find me playing with her 100 Word Challenge whenever a new prompt is posted!

G. David Walker currently lives in southwest Missouri with his wife, their two children, and whatever stray animals his daughter happens to bring home.  A couple years after the birth of his daughter, he began writing his first novel, From a Far Land. Finishing From a Far Land in 2010, David is now hard at work on Altered Intentions, the sequel to From a Far Land, and is also working on Redemption’s Edge, the first book in the Eiledrian Swords trilogy.

David and I attended high school together and I’m proud to support his writing efforts! Please visit his website  or blog to see what he’s up to!

Robin Hawke is an artist and writer living in the woods of Virginia with the hounds, the cats and the man she adores. She believes in working hard, chasing dreams and playing often, barefoot whenever possible. She changed careers after realizing she could find a happy ending writing romances. Visit Robin’s blog for all kinds of fun, inspirational writing!

Tara R.  is a wife, mother, and friend, with a passion for amateur photography and writing. Thin Spiral Notebook is her creative outlet for those passions! She blogs her personal journey of things that inspire her and make her aspire to be.


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  1. Nice! Just wanted to respond. I thoroughly loved your post. Keep up the great work on theyellowkite.com .

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