Calling it Quits

Passion for something is the engine that drives the something. A few months ago I sat down to blog and felt annoyed. I got up and walked away, telling myself I’d come back to write later. Days went by; the days turned into weeks and I still didn’t come back to write. Finally, after some thought, I crafted […]


This morning I was berating myself for my lack of attention to TheYellowKite. That berating led me down the path of how we discern what gets our attention, which led to examining the difference between important and imperative, which then led to examining input from others about our new home search, which led to how personal […]

The Sass is Back!

As I sat down to write this post, I thought, “It’s been a few weeks since I went on hiatus.” In actuality, it’s been several months. I’m sorry. I’m back and I’m back with a certain sass I thought I had lost! I took a break because I felt I needed to, but I really didn’t explore […]

Radio Silence

A few weeks ago I contemplated if I wanted to keep blogging here at The Yellow Kite, or not. I decided to go ahead. Yet, since then, I’ve not found the time, nor desire, or energy to write much. I have realized that blogging, like life itself, is a constant ebb and flow, a balancing act, […]

I’m Not God, But…

Before I ever sit down to write, the thoughts have swirled around in my head for minutes, hours or even days. I usually have a good idea of what I want to say and a sense of how I intend to say it. However, not today. I am distracted, perhaps even annoyed. What’s to follow […]

Who’s Story are You Telling?

Just recently I have had a couple long, in-depth conversations with friends about misperceptions, frustrations, hurt feelings, and the proverbial victimization by others. These conversations led to insights for all involved, but will they lead to a positive change? I believe they can, if even a small amount of effort is expended. The crux of […]


As the year comes to a close, I am preparing for my annual reflection. I like to set aside some quiet time to consciously and purposely reflect on my year. I find doing so can be cathartic, memory-invoking, clarifying, and/or prepare me for what’s ahead. I am not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, as we tend […]