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My Golden Rule

I was raised by the Golden Rule to “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” This is truly a great rule and one that I do adhere to. However, on this site, in my coaching, and in my expectations of all people, I have my own Golden Rule. Since you have opted to come play here in my space, it’s only fair to advise you I expect you to play under my rule! Agreed? Oh, you want to know what the rule is first? Here it is:

I am a stickler for personal accountability!!!

No matter what, we ALL and I do mean ALL OF US, have two choices: Step into your power and own your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results; or give away your power to everyone and everything in your life.

If you come here playing the victim, I will sympathize with you, for a moment, then ask you what role YOU are playing in your life? How are your thoughts and actions playing into the situation and outcome? I will keep you on the hook and make you squirm!

Naturally, I’m not a hard-ass when it comes to things that are truly out of your control–natural disasters, death, etc. However, your response to those may be put to the litmus test. Sorry, it’s just the way it is.

My intent in reaching out to others is not to enable them as victims, but to empower them as the strong , creative force they are meant to be. This happens only when people OWN IT! If you want to pass off your power, don’t try it here…there are plenty of others willing to grab that from you!

By stepping fully into accountability you’re creating the strongest foundation for reaching great heights. If that’s your intent, stick around and I will do everything I can to help you soar!


One comment on “My Golden Rule

  1. i love the way you write!

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