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The first question you may have upon visiting this site is, “Why the yellow kite?” Because it’s my site and it’s what I want! Actually, the true answer is much deeper…

Welcome! I am Christine “Tina” Conley, wife, mother, writer, and business owner. I am a life coach, former interior decorator and now owner of a pet products company. For years I utilized coaching within the realm of decorating and through personal interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances. I enjoy guiding others to finding clarity in their lives. Wanting to do that on a larger scale, I took to blogging in 2010.

During 2010-2011, I blogged under the pseudonym Bobbi Butterfield over at dollydoormatdoesntlivehere.wordpress.com  The basis of the blog was to help women step into their strength and learn to be treated with respect instead of as somebody’s “doormat”. I loved bringing Bobbi and Dolly to life, but I felt called to something larger!

My intent with The Yellow Kite is to bring sound, uplifting, and honest perspectives on life to a wider audience. My hope is that through sharing my own experiences, my unique style of coaching, and my optimistic attitude, I can help others elevate their lives to the levels they want and deserve!

I chose The Yellow Kite as both a name and a symbol because flying a kite is very symbolic of life:

  • Sometimes we have trouble putting our kite (the pieces of our lives) together
  • sometimes we run and run trying to get the kite off the ground (putting forth lots of effort with little result)
  • sometimes we get the kite up, only to find it tangled in a tree (life can get messy)
  • a soaring kite naturally dips and rises and dips again (life has its ups and downs)
  • sometimes our kite soars so high that we look up and are blinded by the sun (losing sight of what is really important in our lives)
  • then we finally get it and gently hold our kite as the wind carries it upward (relaxing into the rhythm of our lives)
  • high above the ground, the kite has the freedom to soar, to dance in the wind, and see things from a different perspective (we can be grounded without losing our freedom and often a little perspective makes a world of difference)

I chose the color yellow because it is the color of the sun (existence), it is representative of fun (giving life to our existence) and also of gold (preciousness), and because (the decorator in me knows) a pop of color changes everything!

My hope is that I can be of assistance as you learn to sail your own kite! Oh, the wind is calling, so off I go!


What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions!

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