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Radio Silence

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A few weeks ago I contemplated if I wanted to keep blogging here at The Yellow Kite, or not. I decided to go ahead. Yet, since then, I’ve not found the time, nor desire, or energy to write much.

I have realized that blogging, like life itself, is a constant ebb and flow, a balancing act, a merging of ying and yang. If I give, somehow I must also receive. Sadly, in recent months I have not had time to read any of the blogs I follow–the ones that lift me up, inspire me, make me laugh, and fill my soul. I  instead only managed time to share my own thoughts and bare my soul. In simplest terms, I am drained. I am out of balance and need to refill my well.

The winter has been long and the faces of my friends seen too seldom, loving voices and kind thoughts not expressed or heard often enough, and the warm sun on my skin is but a distant memory. All of life has seemed suspended in a cold, gray, monotonous bubble and it is time to remedy that.

Spring–my favorite time of year–is nearly upon us! While we are just beginning to see the earliest signs in our surroundings, the shift in attitudes is palpable. People are emerging, welcoming the appearance of others, looking at the clear skies, breathing deeper and even smiling! It is this energy I most crave–positive human interaction. It is the energy that allows me to keep being a friend to my friends, to share here in the vast cyber world, and most importantly, to push away the winter doldrums of my soul, refill the well, and find my zeal again. Spring is the big deposit to my account to cover the debits from months of emotional withdrawals.

So, for the next couple weeks, I’m going to focus on recharging myself. I know by doing so, it allows me to be my best self and when I’m at my best, I care more, I share more, and I live more fully.

When I feel ready, I’ll be back. For now, it’s radio silence for a while.

The Yellow Kite



One comment on “Radio Silence

  1. Continue the peace and space that helps you revitalize your spirit. The Spring of your soul will emerge. I will keep tuned in so I can enjoy your break of radio silence! :0)

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