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Following Your Bliss Leads to What?

10356282_10203859859237164_9142773759785596999_nHello, and Happy Spring! It is not yet entirely feeling spring-like here, but evidence is all around! The birds sing in the mornings, the slightest tint of green is visible on the willow trees, and the perennials are bravely starting to poke through. I love this time of year for its feeling of freshness and renewal, but most of all I am happy that others are happy! Gone–for the most part–are the scowls and snarls of a long, cold, winter. While I’m truly not a fan of winter, I manage to maintain a (mostly) positive outlook and high energy. My secret is that no matter the season, I continue doing what I love. I follow my bliss.

My particular brand of bliss is found in creativity. My favored creative expression comes through home projects and in the past couple of months I have embarked on many.  I refreshed my office with lighter walls; added new window treatments and a rug; updated my cabinets, desk and chair with paint; and finally, after seventeen years of dealing with a solitary track light, installed a lovely pendant light. I based all the changes around a beautiful painting my daughter gave me for Christmas. Having a space I adore makes me love coming in here to work. Talk about fresh inspiration!

Of course, once I finished my office I wasn’t really in here much, because I was then inspired to do a few other things. I won’t bore you with more details, but I’ve been one busy lady! Not only did I do my own projects, I pitched in and helped my son and future daughter-in-law with a couple and have a couple more in the planning stage.

People often ask how I manage to find the time and energy. I do because I do what I love! No matter what I give my attention to, I do it with a sense of awe, a sense of inspiration, a sense of desire to achieve something, and more than anything, I strive to leave things (people, situations, a piece of furniture, an idea) better than I found it.

Sure, there are times I have to do things I don’t care for, but I get through them with speed and a light heart so I can get back to following my bliss!

Perhaps you’d say I wear rose-colored glasses. So what, things look ok to me! Besides, am I hurting anyone if I do? Nope. In fact, the opposite is true: By following my bliss, by being happy of heart, by loving what I do, I project that into the world. I share my excitement through words and photos; I love inspiring other people to challenge their beliefs of what they can do; I have a great appreciation of the raw materials I start with and give thanks for the creative abilities I do have.

When we get out of our own way and learn to do something for the FUN of doing it, we let our guard down. Once we are fully engaged into whatever it is that brings us joy, all the gunk starts to fall away. We feel better about ourselves and the world around us. We start being kinder, more patient, more receptive to the GOOD that is in this world.

Next time you think you’re being selfish by pursuing your favorite pastime–and obviously, I don’t mean anything detrimental or hurtful–stop and consider the upside. What will you personally gain? How will that gain translate to affect others? Will you be more relaxed and less likely to snap at your significant other or children? Will you gain a renewed sense of self-sufficiency or self-awareness? Will you share your gift with others through teaching or inspiring them? Following your bliss is very, very important and will change your life in an amazing way.

You see, following your bliss leads to LOVE. Yes, love. It helps us open our hearts in ways nothing else can. Try it; I have a pretty good feeling you’ll like it!

Get out there and do what you love,

The Yellow Kite


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