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Wobble, Wobble, Wobble

Wobble, wobble, wobble…that’s me moving through my life lately. It’s been a few, blissfully busy months, but to say my life has been a little out of balance is an understatement! It’s time to reduce the wobble in my life.

I’ve enjoyed visits to family and friends; have had many wonderful house guests; helped both my children move; have enjoyed some short get-aways; and have achieved business growth and the finalization of an important step in moving my business forward.

Today is literally the first day in months I’ve not had an agenda and it’s wonderful! I had planned on taking coffee, a book and my iPad back to bed this morning and camping out there for the day. However, as I’m used to going at full-steam, I lasted three hours–which was a welcome break–before my brain started ticking off all the things I want and need to do. Once I started thinking, I was raring to go…I need to post to this blog and also to my pet blog; I need to switch out my summer and fall wardrobe; I need to schedule the cat’s checkup; I need to do some serious housework; I need to…

Whoa! I need to put on the brakes and take a look at the balance of my life now, before I jump into anything else, or I risk remaining on the same wobble bike I’ve been riding for the past few months.

While many of the areas of my personal imbalance have self-corrected by dropping off my plate, using my favorite coaching tool will give me a quick perspective of where I may still be out of balance. Doing so will create an opportunity for awareness in the choices I make in each area of my life.

What is this favorite tool? It is called the Whole Life Balance Assessment, or the Wheel of Life. Here is an image of it:


As you notice in the image above, this tool is basically a pie cut into eight slices; each slice represents an area of your life. Each area is rated on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being completely unsatisfactory/out of balance and 10 being perfect and completely in balance. As each area is rated, a line is drawn at the corresponding rating number, thus creating the outer edge of the slice. When completed, chances are your pie slices will be of varied sizes. To get an idea how this impacts your life, imagine turning your pie on its side and rolling it like a wheel…it may be a rough and wobbly ride!

The good news is that balance is not a static state–it can vary day-to-day or week-to-week. It’s when it becomes a long-term way of life that we need to step back and make adjustments.

What does your wheel look like? What areas are just as you’d like and what areas need improvement? What changes can you make to improve your balance? Do you need to reduce commitments? Do you need to take more risks or create challenges? Can you identify where making changes in one area will impact another? Are you willing to allow one area to be a bit out of balance in order to find greater fulfillment in another area?

Another great use of this tool is when you have an upcoming interruption to your routine–be it a job change, travel, illness or any change in your schedule. By plotting it on your Wheel of Life, you will become aware of how the change may impact your life, thereby making it easier to accept and/or plan for.

Grab a paper and pencil and take a quick assessment of your current state of balance! Remember, while none of us may be travelling through life on a smooth wheel, too much wobble in our wheel can take us far off course!

Wishing you a blessed day,

The Yellow Kite


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