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My 2014 Tool of the Year: Awareness

a·ware·ness [uh-wair-nis] noun

the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness

I am not a big fan of the New Year’s Resolution. This is because in the past, on New Year’s Day, I did what everyone expected: I vowed to improve a specific part of myself/my life, in a specific way, with specific preconceived methodology and deadlines. It was all about the end result, not an actual heartfelt desire: which only proved to be a successful recipe for failure!

Once I realized the why behind my failed attempts–which, clearly, was lack of why in my desire–I stopped looking at what was wrong in an attempt to fix it, and instead turned my focus to what works for me and what I may expect if I simply amp up what works.

With that knowledge, I now face each New Year and ask myself, “What is working well, but could use a little tweaking in order to work better?” Asking that question this year resulted in a plethora of answers, including my diet; my overall health; how I spend my time, energy and talents; balancing my time between business and personal responsibilities; avoiding negativity and gossip; and trusting myself more. Any one of which would make for a great typical New Year’s Resolution!

However, instead of stating one or more resolutions, I contemplated what tool in my life-skills toolbox would best serve me. After sifting through my arsenal and discarding tools like choice, boundaries, values, and balance, I opted for a great multipurpose tool. As you can gather from the title and definition I included above, my tool of choice is AWARENESS.

Everything I do, and everything I want to do, will be better appreciated, more likely to have the outcomes I desire, and bring me greater satisfaction if I am simply more aware. If I am aware of the food I’m eating, my health will improve. If I am aware of how negativity affects me, I can limit my exposure to negative people and situations. If I am aware of feeling overwhelmed, I can assess what causes that and make the needed changes. If I am aware of my happiness, I can better enjoy riding that wave!

Long ago I learned the first step to being in charge of one’s life is awareness. Awareness gives us the ability to take note of life around us, our reactions to what we experience, and also what part we play in creating the life we live. We cannot appreciate what we have, create desire, or effect change without awareness.

Of course, awareness is only one part of the equation–the next is action. However, I feel if the focus of this post shifts to the action phase, we will find ourselves back at typical New Year’s Resolutions…FIXING some specific aspect.  Instead, what I have decided, as a companion to living with awareness, is to deem my personal and also The Yellow Kite’s 2014 focus, The Year of Body, Mind and Soul.

I added Body Mind & Soul as a category and posts that relate to how heightened awareness affects body, mind and/or soul will be found there. I have no doubt there will be much to share!

As you embark on the year ahead, I would like to invite you to join me in a commitment to a life lived with awareness. While I cannot promise that awareness is always pleasant, I can promise it is a starting point for all your desires!

May you become aware of and enjoy your heart’s desires in the year ahead!

The Yellow Kite


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