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Internal Gyroscope

Years and years ago, we had a high school assembly during which a man demonstrated the effects of a gyroscope. While I do not recall the exact details, what I do recall, and have kept forefront in my memories all these years, is the lesson: no matter how you turn the item containing the gyroscope, that gyroscope always maintains its orientation.

I left that assembly knowing there was one thing I needed to learn and that was how to activate my internal gyroscope so no matter what, I always know what direction is up in my life.

Over the past couple of months, I have relied heavily upon my internal gyroscope. Local and national events, including the Boston Marathon bombing, called into question our overall security; the economic and political environments continue to cause widespread stress; and on a more personal note, I had to process the diagnosis and loss of two beloved family members to cancer. Add to this, alterations to our daily routine, our home life, budget and business operation. Life has been a little stressful lately! Yet, through it all, I knew one thing: I was ok, because of my gyroscope.

What is this magical gyroscope I possess? It is quite simply made of two parts: faith and certainty.

Certainty is built of the following:

  • I am certain that I cannot control all situations and outcomes
  • I am certain that I, and only I, am in control of how I perceive and react to events
  • I am certain only that I live this particular moment…I am not guaranteed another breath, another day, another year
  • I am certain that each and every life ends

Faith is built of the following:

  • I believe this life is not the end
  • I believe we cannot see the whole picture or understand the “whys”
  • I believe we are given the grace and ability to survive that which does not kill us
  • I believe we are provided the support we need, when we need it

It is not a rare occasion that someone recognizes my ability to be the strength of my family, to rebound quickly from negative events, or to seem grounded. It is not by happenstance I am this way; it is through long-term nurturing and tune ups to my gyroscope.

We all have our struggles–and from time to time they bring us to our knees–but we also have the ability to move through them. If you will build and rely upon your own internal gyroscope, you will find it easier to regain your footing and continue on.

Your internal gyroscope will bring you peace, understanding, and hope; it will build your faith; it will increase your trust in your own abilities; and it will allow you to orient you life in meaningful ways. This wonderful tool costs nothing, but is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

Have a beautiful day!

The Yellow Kite


One comment on “Internal Gyroscope

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