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Prematurely Waving the White Flag

Good day Kite Fliers! Most of my posts are life lessons. Sometimes those lessons can be applied to business as well. Today I’m going to share a business lesson that definitely crosses over to life lesson territory.

For as long as I can remember I have been an entrepreneur. My first deliberate venture was setting up a candy store with my brother. I was in third grade. We pooled our money, bought some candy at the local store and set up a table to sell our wares to those who boarded horses at our parent’s stable. As I recall, sales weren’t as brisk as we’d hoped and in the end, we ate most of the product. However, two lessons were learned: we tried something new and had moderate success with it, and having a partner expands possibility!

That “moderate success” was the hook, and the danger, for me. You see, as I engaged in new ventures, I operated from an ego-driven business model (This is my business and these are my successes!) instead of a partnership one. This ensured moderate successes, and I was proud of those successes. However, I realized I was not achieving the bigger successes I truly wanted. I finally figured out it was me who was short-changing myself!

It took a lot of insight–born of frustration and resentment–to identify THE secret to success in all things–not only business, but in life. It’s actually a simple three-part concept: Identify your objective, create a partnership (or many partnerships) and actively pursue your objective!

The first step is to identify your objective. When you think you have identified it, then really hone in on it. For example, if your objective is to have a successful business, be very, very specific about what a successful business is to you. In other words, what is your benchmark of success? Is it certain location, a profit of a certain amount, to capture x% of your market, to provide for your family? If your objective is to have a great relationship, do the same thing: Identify what constitutes a great relationship. Don’t wimp out on this! Think of it as mapping a trip–you must know where you want to get to before you can start heading in that direction.

Once you have your objective clearly identified, ask yourself this question, “Am  I willing to put for maximum effort to achieve my objective?” You must be committed. In fact, your commitment must go beyond what you believe you’re capable of. Rather than doing all you can, you must commit to doing all that is possible.

When you commit to doing all you can, you access your own unique skill and use everything you’ve got to achieve your goal, yet you may fall short of what you hoped to achieve. You’ve exhausted your abilities and at this point you wave the proverbial white flag. You give up. Perhaps you managed to achieve moderate success, but I’m guessing moderate success wasn’t what your end goal was!

To move beyond your own skill set–and the moderate success level–you must embrace partnership. This is the tipping point between moderate success and SUCCESS! This is the true difference in giving it all you’ve got and doing all that is possible toward your goal.

Who do you know that possesses a skill you need? Who can connect you to the right people, share their insight or knowledge, take on a task, or show you how to do something you need to know? Listen to those around you. Emulate others’ successes. Build your team. If you truly want great success–the kind driven by the fire in your belly–you will do everything possible to make that happen!

Put down your white flag and instead pick up the phone and reach out to someone who can help propel your vision forward!

I have learned (the hard way) it is far more beneficial, and exciting, to have other people involved. There is a greater pool of information from which to draw, there are varied perspectives to offer insight, there are options, opportunities and solutions never entertained before, and when success, or should I say SUCCESS, arrives, it is far more fun to celebrate that with others than alone!

If you have a goal, clarify if, commit to it, take action, build a strong team and make it happen. The world is waiting for your unique contribution!

Have an amazing day 🙂

The Yellow Kite


One comment on “Prematurely Waving the White Flag

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