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The Evolution of a Life

Today I have a question for you. By asking myself this same question many years ago, I changed how I live my life, and I just thought maybe it’s time to ask you. However, before I ask, I’m going to simply state that I have my beliefs and you have yours, and perhaps they are not similar. Do not be offended; do not write me trying to sway me; just accept the question for what it is intended: an opportunity to look within.

The question: When you die–expire, cross over, return home, or whatever term you care to use–what do you think you will miss most from this life on earth? Give it some thought before reading on.

If you are wondering why I feel compelled to ask this question, it’s because each and every day I see and hear those around me struggling with life and life’s decisions. Mostly what I observe are the things that stress people most are those that reside in our heads (ideas, thoughts, beliefs, etc.)

Should I change jobs? Should I leave this relationship? What is wrong with me? Why can’t people treat me with respect? How am I going to figure this out? These are all very real concerns, and each of us face our own version of these. They are part of life, but too many people act like they are life. What a shame. There is far, far more to life and sometimes the best thing to do, and the best way to fully experience life, is to get out of your head!

You see, I believe at our core (soul, essence) we are energy. If this is the case, when we cease this life we return to our pure form, sans body.  No doubt, some see this as a blessing.

Unless proven otherwise, life here on earth is the only time we get to be physical. So in answering my own question, I will miss the physicality of life. The feel of arms around me, the feel of my pet’s fur, the feel of wind on my face, the touch of a friend, the muscle burn after exercise, the capacity to build something from my own hands, the feel of water on my skin, the ability to make footprints in the snow and sand, and the ability to comfort another. I will miss the sound of music, the sight of a beautiful sunset or the stars in the sky, and I will miss the smell of fresh baked bread and Stargazer lilies. I will miss these things and so much more. I will miss the sights, the sounds, the smells, but mostly I will miss touch.

I used to be of a different mindset. I used to fret about what may be and complain about what wasn’t right. Then I decided most of it was a waste of time; a waste of this gift of physicality and of my physical capacities! I know our days are limited and I refuse to waste the opportunities I have before me while in physical form.

I changed tactics and now choose action. Real, physical movement toward change. Sure, sometimes I am frightened, but instead of letting thought regain control, I simply move and remarkably, each and every time I find myself in a different place! Sometimes the outcome is exactly as I hoped, sometimes it isn’t at all what I expected; sometimes it is far better; and sometimes it is a little setback–but always it is a new place from which to experience life. Who could hope for more?

Regardless the outcomes of my attempts, I can assure you at the end of my life, when I’m nothing but energy or thought form, the memories I hope to take with me are those of all the wonderful, physical experiences! I won’t give two shakes about all the time I devoted to senseless worry, battles of opinion, my failures, or even my successes, and certainly not to what anyone else thought of me. I want to remember how it felt living this life.

So, my friends, as you face your uncertainties, your fears, your insecurities, heartbreaks, sorrows, or whatever is on your mind, remember you have only so many allotted days to live this experience. Is it time for you to evolve? Move in the direction you desire and trust that you are equipped with what you need to make the very best of each day!

Sending hugs your way…see, it just isn’t the same as a real hug, is it?

The Yellow Kite


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