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My Christmas Promise

As I fired up Face Book this morning, I was met with reminders of today’s events, along with the realization that today is December 19th. I literally asked, “What? How can it be the 19th already?” That means I have only a few more days to get my Christmas preparations done.

My mind started racing with all my unfinished tasks: two more gifts to purchase, some items that still haven’t been mailed, and only a couple presents left to wrap. I’ve got this. Or do I?

Suddenly, I found myself thinking beyond the immediate. What do I need to purchase and prepare for Christmas Eve with my family? How do I manage Christmas Eve’s schedule? Paper! I need to make a list. Putting it on paper helps. It’s not so overwhelming.

However, just when I begin to get a handle on things, I realize what else is demanding my time this week: I have a dental appointment, a scheduled call, a friend who just had surgery and needs some assistance, a child who is preparing to move, I need to check in with my in-laws and my mother. Oh crap, I haven’t gotten my nephews anything yet! I have some invoices to send, updates to my business websites and social media, housework, cooking, and the list goes on until it swallows me whole!

With my pen poised to write the next item on my task list, I have a flashback that stops me in my tracks. I put the pen down and take a few deep breaths. Years ago, after having a car-totaling accident the week before Christmas, I vowed to myself that the week before Christmas would not be spent in a frenzy. That I would not allow the joy and reason of the season to be lost among the must-do’s and have-to’s. This is my week to remember the true meaning of Christmas, to relax and enjoy time spent with loved ones–and to remember time with them is far more important than giving/receiving perfect gifts. The year of the accident taught me this unequivocally.

I crumpled my list and tossed it into the trash can.

In remembering my promise, my mind is no longer racing with tasks. Instead my thoughts are flooded with the anticipation of connecting and sharing this special time of the year with the people I love; the blessings I enjoy on a daily basis; memories of Christmases past; and the knowledge that in an instant I can restore balance to my life by honoring the promise I made to myself.

I am making a new list:

1) Time with/for friends, family and self.

2) Joy.

If a task doesn’t fit under one of those two categories, it simply will not be done this week. A promise is a promise!

I would suggest you give yourself a gift this season: make a promise to truly embrace and enjoy this time of year. Look at what is really important and let that guide your thoughts and actions. Bring it back to what fills your heart. It’s a wonderful gift!

I wish you love, peace and joy at this Christmas season and beyond. Merry Christmas my friends!

Until next year,

The Yellow Kite


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