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What’s Your Back Story?

Here it is Friday and since life has been all mixed up lately, I’ve decided to skip the Top Ten List and build off an old post from when I blogged at DollyDoormat.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending a few days with my sister-in-law and a good friend. While I had a GREAT time, it wasn’t until I returned home that I realized how badly I needed this little get-away!

Kudos to my Sistah for arranging everything and for ensuring a fun, drama-free weekend. You rock!!!

Whenever we are together, especially when out-of-town, Sistah and I play a game called “back story”. We observe others and imagine what their stories may be. The other side of back story is that we take on alter-ego personalities and see how outlandish we can get. I must say, I rose to the challenge this time as I became Serena, yak breeder. And, for the record, I don’t raise regular yaks…I raise mini attack yaks! I suppose you had to be there to appreciate the resulting fun and spontaneity.

I’ll let the (edited) old post explain a little:

We are playing a game we call back story. Basically, we look at a person and based on their physical features, clothing, behaviors, and most importantly, their face and eyes, imagine what their story is. While we can sometimes get a little outrageous and maybe even a bit snarky, we really don’t do it to be malicious!

Sistah started playing back story while she was eating out alone. People tended to look at her in an oh that poor woman, she doesn’t even have someone to eat with–I bet she’s a crazy cat lady sort of way. She is anything but! Instead of looking at other solo diners with that same pity, she imagined them as mysterious, exciting, interesting people and let her imagination have its way as she created great stories about who they were. Their true back stories probably paled by comparison!

Playing back story causes us to pay attention to people. Despite letting our imaginations run wild, we actually notice demeanor and behaviors. We also notice shoes, and haircuts, and really great jeans! Over and over again, we have seen physically beautiful people who are repelling. Their eyes are cold, their body stiff, their jaws set–no, we’re not seeing dead people! Such individuals just don’t allow one shred of their inner beauty to shine. We’ve also seen average people who light up a room, make you want whatever it is they’ve got, make you want them as a friend. Those are the people we see as intriguing and they get our best back stories!

So what is the point? The point is that in our day-to-day lives we get caught up and weighed down by our roles: the responsible mom, the stressed-out coworker, the ever-available friend, the serious conductor of business. We also have our struggles, demands, and worries. Each one of these becomes a blanket, heaped upon the pile. Pretty soon our true self is suffocating beneath the pile!

Playing back story allows us to shed those blankets and to let our FUN self out. This silliness is good for the soul! And truthfully, it’s good for those around us too. Despite being surrounded by younger, more alluring women, we were the fun, approachable ones. We were the ones rockin’ the bars, laughing until we cried, and we didn’t care what anyone thought of us. With our fictitious stories, we were being authentic. Weird, how that works.

Now I’m back to being me, but I feel younger and lighter from having let my inner child out to play. I have a fresh perspective, I have renewed energy and enthusiasm, and I have great memories at the ready whenever I need a little pick-me-up. Great benefits from a little creative expression!

When you feel overwhelmed, dragged down by life, or surrounded by less-than-pleasant people, play a little back story. Let your imagination connect with the deepest part of who you are and bring that to the surface, or imagine others in outlandish roles or with intriguing pasts. In no time, you’ll be smiling, feeling less serious, and perhaps, like me, you’ll even connect with something you never knew about yourself. If we move to an appropriate property, I’m buying a yak! Who would have thought?

What’s your back story?

Have a great day!


One comment on “What’s Your Back Story?

  1. Spending time Yaking with friends is always refreshing! LOL
    I love synchronicity, I was just pondering how we all can get “lost” in our roles, forgetting that each facet of us, while one small part of us, is not the whole enchilada of who we are.
    Taking time out for some playful fun does help to throw off those blanket layers blinding us to the whole picture of who we are and lightens us up.
    When I’m in a light, playful mood, that’s when all the creativity, inspiration, joy of life really shines forth.
    Say, that baby yak in the picture is absolutely adorable. Can I have it?
    Enjoy! 🙂

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