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The Top Ten Things That Made Me Smile Today

Hello! I know it’s a little late for my Friday Top Ten List, but today’s list needed to be postponed until the day was nearly done. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I enjoy life. Not the over-the-top, constantly on the go, big city, fast cars type of life, but the life I’ve carved out for myself. It’s pretty laid back, definitely a drama-free zone most times, and one filled with simple pleasures. Today was one of those days that I found myself truly appreciating this.

If given a choice–and I believe there is always a choice–I choose to view life from a place of gratitude, optimism, and opportunity. Yes, some would say I’m wearing rose-colored glasses. I say, I don’t care…I’m happy and I like the way things look! I’d be happy to share them if anyone asks.

However, instead of passing around silly glasses, how about I instead just give you a little food for thought: Pay attention to what’s going on around you, even if you think you’re in a downward spiral, and grab onto the good moments! You are too important to go through your day, or your life, feeling badly about everything; you deserve happiness! Start slow, and build up your happiness muscle by noticing more good each and every day.

What follows is my list of ten things–little things–that made me smile today.

The Top Ten Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. That I woke up!
  2. That my dog has recovered from a serious illness.
  3. That I watched a hummingbird feed only a couple feet from me.
  4. That I laughed at my own idiocy.
  5. That I got an email from someone I hadn’t talked to in a while.
  6. That I have a new passion and direction in my life.
  7. That I walked in a sprinkling rain.
  8. That I talked to my children.
  9. That I made an awesome dinner.
  10. That the frog population in my pond is up to five.

If you’re shaking your head asking, “Seriously?” the answer is YES! These are ten of the many things I smiled about today…life is good!

Just for good measure:

11.   That perhaps I shared something you needed today 🙂


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