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Don’t Squander Your Freedom!

Happy Fourth of July! I know many of you read from across the globe and today means little to you in terms of a national celebration, but here, in the U.S.A. it’s a pretty big deal! Regardless where you are, there is a nugget in here for you…

Today we celebrate the efforts of our forefathers and the countless others who have fought for our freedom. You built and secure this nation; there is no greater gift to our country. To each we owe a tremendous THANK YOU!! I am humbled by your sacrifices and I do not take them lightly.

Each day we awake to blessed FREEDOM! Yet so many squander that freedom. When you face the day feeling trapped, unsteady, frightened, or bitter, you are stripping yourself of your freedom and entering into voluntary imprisonment. What a waste of the beautiful gift of freedom! What a waste of all the sacrifices made to ensure your freedom. What an insult to all those who work(ed) tirelessly for that freedom. Yes, I am on my soapbox and I’m not apologizing for it!

Do you realize the many, many freedoms you have? Not just political and religious, but personal freedoms which NOBODY, EVER, can strip away from you!

  • You are FREE to love
  • You are FREE to be educated
  • You are FREE to think for yourself
  • You are FREE to experience joy
  • You are FREE to express your opinion
  • You are FREE to achieve anything you desire
  • You are FREE to find inner peace
  • You are FREE to change yourself
  • You are FREE to live with courage
  • You are FREE to pursue your dreams
  • You are FREE to enjoy life
  • You are FREE to hold your own beliefs
  • You are FREE to offer forgiveness and understanding
  • You are FREE to believe in yourself
  • You are FREE to enjoy the abundance of life
  • You are FREE to try new things and new ways of doing
  • You are FREE to relate to others
  • You are FREE in so, so many ways!

And the most important thing of all, you are FREE to be YOU!!!

I challenge you to face yourself in the mirror and really embrace the freedoms listed above, along with the myriad freedoms I did not list. Really look at yourself: everything you need to enjoy freedom is within you!

You are courageous, you are strong, you are FREE! Please stop letting fear, doubt, lack or a bad attitude enslave you. Every great thing that has been accomplished has been done by ordinary people who prescribed to the C.A.P. principle: CONVICTION (belief) in yourself and what you want to accomplish; the right ATTITUDE (courage); and the PERSEVERANCE to see a thing through.

You, my friend, own and are free to utilize such principles in your life, each and every single day. So today, get out and wave our flag, give thanks to a veteran, and do your part in enjoying the FREEDOM you have been provided! Living your life to the fullest, taking responsibility for yourself, and being a positive force in life is your DUTY for the privilege of living in a free society!

Let today be your INDEPENDENCE DAY and vow to live each and every day in freedom!


The Yellow Kite

P.S.  Guess what, you are FREE to disagree with me and I’m FREE to shrug it off 🙂


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