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A Lesson From My Fish

One of my favorite enhancements to our home is my fish pond. Hearing the soothing sound of falling water and watching the languid movement of the fish bring balance, appreciation, and tranquility to each day.

Last week that tranquility was shattered. It was with dismay I realized one of the largest fish had wedged itself face first into a lily pad pot and got stuck. I never knew a fish could drown, but it did. I was angry at the pot for its design, and removed it from the pond. However, the next day, another fish was found dead, and two more the following day. Obviously, I had a bigger problem than a poorly designed pot!

My normal anticipation of seeing the fish each morning had been replaced with dread and concern to what I may find next. The next morning my apprehension was met with an even worse scene: all the remaining fish were very ill. They were laying on their sides on the bottom of the pond and some appeared to be bleeding internally. Tears welled in my eyes as I tried to comprehend I was going to lose yet more “pets”.

I know they’re “only fish”, but I have had most of them for over four years and raised one from birth. I decided I was not going to idly sit by and allow them to die! I researched and found some answers, purchased some medication, and even took the sickest fish out and washed her off, propped her up in a bucket and helped her breath! I spent countless hours working to repair the problem. Yes, it may seem a little extreme, but here we are less than a week later and I am happy to report all remaining fish have recovered!

While the specific culprit has not been identified, there are several possibilities; each having to do with newly introduced common pond items to the habitat. As I contemplated this problem, it occurred to me how suddenly one’s environment can change and become toxic. Also evident was the great effort required to reverse the damage done.

In this case, I was able to save the majority of the fish and learned a very valuable lesson. From now on, I will be very discriminating about what is introduced to the pond. And that is a lesson we could all apply to our lives.

How quickly do you allow toxicity into your life? Perhaps you have co-workers or clients who poison your environment with their venomous words. What about gossip that clouds your judgment or people who spew negativity? Consider the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, what you watch on television; are they good for you or are they adding toxins to your life? I’m not suggesting we all live in plastic bubbles, but I’m simply saying we should be more aware and discerning about what we allow into our environment. Prevention is far easier than cure!

One day we’ll all go to the big fishbowl in the sky, but until then, why not surround ourselves with a school of healthy friends and frolic in safe, rejuvenating waters?

That’s all I’ve got for today!


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