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One Step Gratitude

Good day and many apologies for neglecting you lately! For some reason, the lazy days of summer seem to be a misnomer in my world. However, today I managed a few glorious minutes respite on my porch. It was then I realized how effortlessly I have remained in a state of nearly constant gratitude, despite the hectic pace of the past few weeks. I credit my attitude of gratitude on utilizing a simple method to immediately switch my attitude to one of gratitude, regardless what situation I am in!

Here is how it works: I ponder one specific question. I can’t explain when or why I began asking myself this question, but I can assure you it serves to make me feel lighter, more upbeat, more energetic, and definitely more blessed. Here is the question, drum roll please…

“What is the most spectacular thing you’ve ever experienced?”

That’s it. I know you may feel let down or perhaps you’ll immediately reply with something like, “the birth of my child” or “the Great Pyramids”; if so, game over, thanks for playing! I’m kidding…you can have another chance!

Instead of immediately settling on one spectacular thing, I invite you to play as I play. I take this seriously–in a lighthearted way–as if this is THE question I will have to answer at the Pearly Gates. I want to make sure I have taken time to consider all the spectacular things–some big, some small, but all memorable–I have experienced. Therein lies the secret.

Ask the question, then as you seek to find the one spectacular event, you’ll start reflecting on all the great things you’ve seen, done, or heard, the people you’ve met, pets you’ve had, food you’ve eaten, trips you’ve taken. You will be flooded with great memories and utter appreciation for the beauty–and trust me, there is an abundance of it–sprinkled through your life. You have now entered into a state of gratitude!

Try it the next time you’re stuck in traffic, when your four-year-old knocks down the tomato display at the grocery store, or when you’re on the verge of hosting your very own pity party. Let yourself bask in the greatness of your life! This is empowering, uplifting, soothing, and a true gift to yourself, at any time.

Enjoy this little exercise and by all means, feel free to share some of your own beautiful experiences by commenting on this post!

As for me, I don’t have a solid answer yet, but I am definitely realizing what an amazing life I have had, thus far!

That’s all I’ve got for today!



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