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Top Ten Ways to Tweak Your Personal Foundation

If you were in the market for a new car, would you buy one with a beautiful body, but no engine? Would you buy a high-performance engine, without a chassis? Would you purchase one without seats or a fuel tank? No, you wouldn’t because you know an automobile is a compilation of components, and all of them work together.

Our physical being is our vehicle to traverse life here on planet earth; and we understand food and drink are the primary means to keep that vehicle going. However, just like our real cars, fuel alone will not ensure long life and optimal performance. We must embark on a maintenance plan, provide care when we notice knocks or reduced performance, and sometimes we must simply upgrade!

Our choice of automobiles can be anything from old and dilapidated to a jaw-dropping high-performance model. Most people avoid the hoopties and dream of luxury cars, settling for a practical, dependable, in-between model, perhaps with a few upgrades. We have the same sort of choice in designing our way of moving through life–it is called building our personal foundation. One’s personal foundation is the framework upon which one’s life vehicle is constructed.

The beauty of one’s personal foundation is that at any time it can be upgraded! No need to wait for new models to come out or for the right financing…you simply look at where you may need upgrading and make a few tweaks. Before you know it, you’re zipping through life with more energy and clarity of destination. Don’t let life leave you in the dust…get yourself tuned up and put the pedal to the floor!

Top Ten Ways to Tweak Your Personal Foundation

1.  Strengthen your boundaries.

Know that you have the ability, and the right, to protect yourself from people and situations that drain you, hurt you, or dis-empower you. Is there a person or situation sucking the life from you? Be bold and make your boundaries known, then enforce them.

2. Clarify your expectations.

How many times do we find ourselves annoyed at others because they did not meet our expectations? Guess what…people are not mind readers, we must inform others of what we want, need and expect! Keep in mind, just because you speak it, doesn’t mean the other person automatically agrees; you may have to implement your boundaries here.

3. Raise your standards.

I know it is harsh, but when you raise your standards you eliminate some of the problems–be they people, things, or situations. Be picky about who and what you allow into your life.

4.  Reduce tolerations.

Who or what in your life do you put up with? These people and/or situations are draining. Look at the toleration and decide to work on eliminating it either through tools such as communication or strengthened boundaries, or to simply cut it from your life.

5.  Get your personal needs met.

Each of us has core personal needs and until we meet those basic needs, we cannot live our optimum life. From the outside we might have every other aspect of our lives looking good, but  if our personal needs are not met it’s like expecting a Lamborghini to run on water!

6.  Identify and live your values.

Many people mistake morals for values and live from a pulpit perspective–judging right and wrong. When you identify your values–the intrinsic principles that hold meaning and are of worth in your life–then orient your life around your values, life is more satisfying and with deeper meaning.

7. Take care of the money issue.

Money is an emotionally charged issue and many, many people struggle with the financial aspects of life. Until you understand and handle your money relationship, you are living with limited options. Get to the crux of your beliefs, embrace money as an energy source, and handle the money issue, completely.

8. Finish any unfinished business.

What unfinished business do you need to attend to? Apologies to be made? Items to be returned? Misunderstandings to be clarified? Each of the unfinished items in your life is like a hole in your fuel tank…you’re losing valuable energy without realizing it! TCB (take care of business) and you’ll have sustainable energy.

9.  Build reserves.

Building reserves is like always being prepared for a long road trip, even if you’re just going around the corner. Having reserves in all things is comforting and allows us to free our minds and energy for exploring life’s winding roads. (Caveat: you cannot build reserves until you’ve gotten your core needs met.)

10. Create your own definition of success.

Stop comparing your car to others…pick what you want to drive and drive it enjoyably! Actually, what I’m saying is: figure out what success is to YOU, then work toward that. Don’t hold yourself to standards that have nothing to do with what you want. When you accomplish this, life becomes very satisfying, on your terms!

 Have a great day, my friend. Zoom, zoom!


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