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Top Ten Ways to Turn Dread into Anticipation

From time-to-time, I encounter a situation that is more of a have-to than a want-to. If I allow myself, I can quickly become consumed with dread, resentment, and a feeling of entrapment. However, those do not serve to improve my situation, so I take a different approach. Instead of looking at the negatives, I seek […]

A Lesson From My Fish

One of my favorite enhancements to our home is my fish pond. Hearing the soothing sound of falling water and watching the languid movement of the fish bring balance, appreciation, and tranquility to each day. Last week that tranquility was shattered. It was with dismay I realized one of the largest fish had wedged itself […]

One Step Gratitude

Good day and many apologies for neglecting you lately! For some reason, the lazy days of summer seem to be a misnomer in my world. However, today I managed a few glorious minutes respite on my porch. It was then I realized how effortlessly I have remained in a state of nearly constant gratitude, despite the hectic […]

Top Ten Ways to Tweak Your Personal Foundation

If you were in the market for a new car, would you buy one with a beautiful body, but no engine? Would you buy a high-performance engine, without a chassis? Would you purchase one without seats or a fuel tank? No, you wouldn’t because you know an automobile is a compilation of components, and all of […]