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Top Ten Pick-Me-Ups

From time to time, life can knock us off our feet. When this happens, we supposedly have two choices: stay down or get back up. I don’t buy that! I believe we have ONE choice and that is to get back up! When the time is right.

We might have a little stumble from which we bounce right back, but other times we may be face down and nearly out for the count before we stagger back to our feet. The important thing isn’t when we get up, but that we do get up.

I recently got tripped up and every time I raised my head, I got pushed back down. I am a little battered and bruised, but I’m back on my feet. I am up-righted because of a series of pick-me-ups. If, or when, you’ve been knocked down, remember these Top Ten Pick-Me-Ups to get yourself back in the game!

Top Ten Pick-Me-Ups

1.    Be ok with being down.

You are where you are. None of us is immune to hardship, sorrow, anger, or defeat. Accept the pain as part of life. If you need to grieve, then grieve fully. If you need to vent, vent and move on. If you are hurt by another, feel the hurt. It is your job to care for yourself; you do not have to put on a brave face to please anyone else. (That said, please allow yourself appropriate time to deal with whatever has knocked you off kilter, but if you continue to struggle, seek professional help.)

2.   Pamper yourself.

Often it is circumstances outside ourselves that push us around, and often we cannot change those circumstances. Turn your attention inward and do something kind for yourself!

3.   Get flowers!

There is nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers to make you feel special. If you’re lucky enough to have someone bring them to you–like my amazing friends!–that is great; if not, go buy them for yourself. You deserve them! Flowers can sooth, they can invigorate, they tickle the senses, and most of all, they remind us of the beauty and perfection of life.

4.   Express yourself.

I believe in the healing power of expression. Regardless if you talk it out, pray about it, journal about it, or express yourself creatively, it is important to clear your mind (and heart) of your pain. Not only will this lighten your burden and make it easier to bounce back, through sharing your story, you may just help another going through something similar.

5.   Regain control.

When life has thrown us too many lemons to juggle, throw them aside and go do something you can manage! Start small…clean off your desk or organize your shoes in your closet. Once that task is complete, move onto another…organize your dresser drawers or closet space. Not only will you have a tidy space, you will bring a sense of order and control back into your life.

6.   Change of scenery and routine.

Sometimes we simply have to get away to get up! If possible, go for a drive to a new destination, put on some good tunes, and get right with your soul. Change up your routine, do things outside your comfort zone, live a little!

7.   Ask for and accept a hand up.

When you’re down, you can hide out, keep your struggles to yourself, and hope you can pull yourself up, or you can ask for a hand up and accept help. Believe it or not, people like to be of service to others. Tell those in your life what they can do to help you, then let them do it. Surround yourself with loved ones…they are invaluable!

8.   Remember past victories.

I grew up riding horses. I was thrown, I was kicked in the head (yeah, that might explain a few things!), I suffered broken bones and bruised ego, but no matter what, I got back on and rode again. No matter what life brings, I remember how I overcame past challenges and got back on. Draw strength from your own past challenges and victory over them.

9.   Celebrate life.

While I don’t like dealing with adversity, I recognize the opportunity for change, for self-awareness, for personal growth, and that it’s all part of this life. It brings interest and a chance for new stories. It pokes us and asks, “Whatcha gonna do about it?” I tell you what I’m going to do…I’m going to get over it and get back to enjoying life. I’ll take life–the good and the bad–over the alternative any day! All-in-all, my tally sheet is far fuller on the good side than the bad, and that is worthy of celebration.

10.  Gain some perspective.

There’s nothing like looking outside your own circumstances to open your eyes! No matter what you’re going through, there are others going through similar or worse situations. Draw strength and inspiration from others and know if they can do it, you can too!

As a bonus, I’m throwing in an eleventh tip today:

11.   Remember, this too shall pass.

Everything has its season and no matter what is going on, it will pass. Time will heal; circumstances will change; you will change. Hang in there and ride it out.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great day!


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