My Fragile Heart

What follows is in response to Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. The word this week is “Fragile.”

The past two weeks have been nothing short of challenging for me. I suffered two injuries, the loss of a beloved pet, two very ugly encounters with strangers, and was the victim of fraudulent bank charges. I have cried from the depths of my soul and felt rage that shocked me. I felt fragile and vulnerable, so this is a perfect prompt for me.



Outside, I am a little dented and chipped, but inside, I am completely shattered. Life did this to me.

I manage to deflect most of her blows. However, she delivers her most painful—loss and sorrow—with blinding speed and accuracy. Against those I am defenseless, and she has succeeded in breaking my fragile heart to pieces.

Yet, I seek no pity. These shards of me are my essence. Like a kaleidoscope, they create something beautiful and unique. When I am shaken, the pattern changes, but all the parts of me are still there. I am whole in my brokenness.


Wishing you a blessed day!




12 comments on “My Fragile Heart

  1. Sounds like life needs a good smack-down! I hope things smooth out a little so you can catch your breath. We lost two pets in the last year, and that’s a loss that doesn’t get proper attention.

  2. Your poem is a true sign of resilience. What a WEEK you’ve had. I hope things improve on the outside so the shaking and shattering can settle into a new whole soon!

  3. I can tell that this is straight from your heart. Beautifully expressed. I’m so sorry about the blows you’ve suffered this week.

  4. Powerful and deeply personal. I loved the ‘kaleidoscope’ line about making something beautiful with the pieces, and being whole in brokenness… Absolutely brilliant!

  5. So sorry that life is being difficult lately, I hope things are looking up very soon. Your 100 Words are powerful and poignant.

  6. Love this! Such an emotional glimpse into your heart. Hugs!!

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