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Top Ten Ways to Become the Hero in Your Own Life

By now you may realize I am a big proponent of personal accountability and self-actualization. As adults, each of us has a responsibility to ourselves to make the most of our lives, to do our best, and to carry our own weight.

Yes, I know…you have medical issues, you weren’t given the opportunities others were given, I don’t know how hard you have it, etc–trust me, I’ve heard it all. While I empathize with your plight, I remind you this: You are alive; make the most of it! Stop waiting on someone else to swoop in and rescue you or make life better. The ONLY super hero you can count on is YOU!

Don’t fight me on this one! I know deep down you want to be the hero in your story, and I know it is possible, no matter what your circumstances. To get you started, here are the Top Ten Ways to Become the Hero of Your Own Life.

Top Ten Ways to Become the Hero of Your Own Life.

1.    Support yourself.

Give yourself the gifts of courage, faith and confidence to be who you are and to do what you want. If you are tired and want to rest, then rest. If you want to climb a mountain, make a plan and climb a mountain. Spend time with people who are uplifting, avoid those who are draining. It is OK to put your needs first. Take actions to support your own needs and desires.

2.  Understand yourself.

Welcome opportunities to get to know yourself and redefine yourself based on who you are rather than who others believe you are or should be. You cannot be all things to all people; what is important is that you are YOU to all people. Take time to understand yourself through meditation or even with professional guidance. The beliefs you have were formed throughout your life, from interaction with others…maybe it’s time you let go of outdated and erroneous beliefs that don’t reflect who you are and adopt ones that are more appropriate.

3.  Promise to be true to yourself.

Once you understand yourself, there is no going back. You have a new platform from which you live; honor that. You deserve it. The caveat is that not everyone will welcome the changes you make, the “new you” that emerges, but you are living your life for YOU not for everyone else, so stay strong and be true to yourself.

4. Express yourself.

Your thoughts, feelings and opinions are valid! You do not need permission to have them, nor do you need permission to express them. Let others know what you believe, what you’re feeling, what you want. Don’t remain in the background waiting for someone to pull your thoughts from you…it won’t happen!

5. Recognize your uniqueness.

Accept that you are wonderfully and perfectly different! Your thoughts, your interpretations of the world around you, your dreams, your beliefs and your perceptions may be entirely different from those around you and that is OK. Variety is the spice of life! Of course, just because you recognize and embrace your uniqueness, doesn’t mean everyone else will. While I condone being a unique individual, I also believe it’s important to express your uniqueness in socially appropriate ways.

6. Lose the stereotype.

When we are young, we are taught and molded in ways that please the people raising us. The beliefs, opinions and even mannerisms of our elders color that teaching. While our early learning serves as our foundation, as we mature we learn new ways of being. Step outside the stereotype others have created for you and become your own person.

7. Truly accept yourself.

Get this: None of us is perfect; not a single being. However, we are ALL perfect. Huh? Ok, let me try again: None of us is without flaw and therefore not in a position to judge others as unworthy; however, each of us is perfectly created to be who we are as individuals. For instance, my experiences and beliefs may seem odd to you, but they created the perfect platform for my becoming me. My height, weight, hair color, or language patterns may not be the idealized standard, but they are part of me and I like each part of me! Take inventory of all you are and accept each and every part. You are perfectly suited to be you!

8. Transcend yourself.

When you let go of all the limits–both self-imposed and the beliefs of others–you will realize your deepest longings and excel at achieving them.  You must stop worrying about what has been and focus on what can be.

9.  Celebrate yourself.

Make a formal beginning of living your life in a way that honors you as your own super hero. You can design it any way you wish–make it a private event or invite those closest to you to celebrate your new status. You could create a motto for yourself; establish a second-birth day; purchase a new piece of jewelry or clothing that becomes your symbol of power; or Photoshop your head onto the body of your favorite super hero. Do something tangible to commemorate your beginning as the hero of your own story!

10. Place extreme value on yourself.

I don’t care if you have billions of dollars and live in a mansion on a private island or have only the clothes on your back and live in a shelter, you have the same exact value as any other living being on our planet! When you–and all of us–realize that self-worth is far, far, far more important than meeting ever-changing external value parameters, we can rise above anything! I don’t presume to know your beliefs, but ask that you humor me for just a moment. Imagine the end has come, and as we prepare to vacate this earth, every man, woman and child is stripped bare, standing shoulder to shoulder. There are no Rolex’s, no high-dollar diplomas, no executive offices…just people, equally bare, equally worthy. This is who we are–we are not our things. Please remember this, treat yourself–and others–with respect. Our character is truly our most valuable possession and endures when all the things have come and gone. Know yourself well, value yourself and the life you’ve been given to experience.

As you morph into a super hero, it may be helpful to keep in mind my new favorite quote from We Bought a Zoo: “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty-seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty-seconds of just embarrassing bravery and I promise something great will come of it.” When you are faced with a new choice, pursuing a desire, or taking a new path, dig deep, give yourself the gift of twenty-seconds of courage and you will become the biggest hero of your story!

Have a great day!


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