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The Top Ten Permission Slips for Adults

I often coach people who say things like, “I wish I could have a day off” or “One day I would like to dothat.” When I question why they are refraining from what they want, the answer initially comes as excuses. When we dig a bit deeper, what we find is amazing–most times people are simply looking for permission to proceed!

If you thought permission slips were a thing of childhood, think again! Somewhere in our adult minds, we still feel the need for outside approval and/or permission. The truth is we already have permission–our own–and have to give ourselves the gift of using our permission slips more often.

What follows are the Top Ten Permission Slips you need to give yourself. Enjoy using them!

Top Ten Permission Slips for Adults

1.     Permission to say NO!

This permission slip is not on paper, it is carved in granite and available to you all the days of your life. You have permission to decline any activity, any request, any imposition…simply say NO.

2.   Permission to take a day off, completely!

No checking email, voice mail, or taking care of that one all-important client. Today YOU are that all-important client!

3.   Permission to be fearless.

Do something YOU want to do, but have been holding back doing because of your own or other people’s fears, opinions, or limitations. Enlist the support of a friend (or life coach) to help you be fearless.

4.   Permission to please yourself.

Be selfish, take care of your own wants and needs before everyone else’s. 

5.   Permission to say “I don’t know”.

We place undue stress on ourselves when we feel we must always know the answer. Sometimes we just don’t. If you need more time to figure it out, take time. If you need another’s input or a different perspective, seek it. If you simply do not know and have no desire or ability to know, say so.

6.   Permission to do something out of character.

Always wanted to sing karaoke? Then do it! Change your haircut or color, try a new clothing style, take a spontaneous trip. The opportunities are endless!

7.   Permission to set boundaries.

It’s not only ok, it is necessary for your well-being. You choose who you want in your life and what they can do or say to you and/or around you.

8.   Permission to utilize your own time in your own way.

No apologies if you want to crawl into bed at 7pm or rise at 4am; no apologies if you want to work on a day off or take a long bath in the middle of the afternoon. It’s your time, use it how it best suits you.

9.   Permission to play, preferably outdoors.

A life without play is a life of drudgery. Bring the fun and lightness back into your life by giving yourself permission to play. Get outside and dig in the dirt (I love gardening, but also have a metal detector and actually dig up the dirt!), swing a bat or golf club, go for a hike, ride a bike, fly a kite, go fishing, join your kids in a game of kickball, just get out and play! If you’re stuck indoors, get creative with play. Just do it.

10.  Permission to give yourself permission!

It’s your life, give yourself permission to do whatever it takes to make it an enjoyable life!

Have a great day, my friend (you have permission!)


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