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Is An Optimistic Skeptic an Oxymoron?

If I had to identify myself based on my primary outlook, I am definitely an optimist. I’m a glass half full, it will all work out, can-do kind of woman. However, I question everything I hear. Some would say that is good, it means I’m curious. I am curious! But, I’m also a skeptic, especially when it comes to the news and to gossip.

I used to simply filter what I wanted to hear, checked out facts on items that piqued my interest, and let unsubstantiated gossip fall on deaf ears. However, lately I find myself becoming annoyed with people who take everything they see, hear or read at face value. When did we become a nation of spoon-fed, short-sighted, LAZY people? Yes, lazy.

If you care about politics, don’t simply beat the drum everyone else is beating because “that is what they say” or because you saw it on television, so “it must be true”. Do your research, seek out the facts, THEN form your opinion.

Gossip? Let’s not even go there. Or then again, let’s. If you don’t hear it FROM THE SOURCE then consider anything you hear–even the good stuff–about anyone or any business tainted. It sounds so much better saying someone is worth forty-million dollars than to say they’re worth ten-million dollars; it is so much more enticing to spread news of a business failing because of embezzlement than because of economic downturn; and who wouldn’t love a story with a plot as good as Desperate Housewives or Revenge? I’ll tell you who…me.

We don’t live a television show, sound-bite existence. We are real people facing real situations. The world has political and economic worries that require clear-minded solutions. Our friends and neighbors, and perhaps even our own families, have situations that require love and understanding, not scrutiny and blame. Our communities, our churches, our businesses, our schools, and our environment all have concerns. We can choose to look, but not see; listen but not hear; or simply point fingers of blame. OR we can delve deeper, find out what is going on and how we can make a difference. Even if it is a small-scale difference like sharing new information or keeping gossip to yourself. Remember the butterfly effect–small actions can have far-reaching impact.

Do yourself, and the world a favor today: Question at least one thing you hear or read and make a conscious effort to understand. What is being said? Does the person saying it have a personal or political agenda? Do you believe there is more to the story? How does it impact you? How much is truth and how much is spin? Then, when you know the facts, or at least more facts than you started with, you can choose right actions and thoughts.

While an Optimistic Skeptic is indeed an oxymoron, I can live with that. However, I can’t live with being a spoon-fed moron and neither should you!

Have a great day my friend!


One comment on “Is An Optimistic Skeptic an Oxymoron?

  1. “An optimist is not the opposite of a skeptic, it is the opposite of a cynic. Cynical people operate with a doom and gloom energy, an outlook that shuts down ideas before they can even start. Skeptics are critical thinkers. They look beyond the surface and dig deeper. Skeptical optimists believe that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and that people can change and have the capacity to do good far beyond what we could ever imagine. They’re also aware that asking “why?” isn’t negative, but rather a necessary question to gain more clarity and achieve better results. Skeptical optimists see the glass as half full but never get tired of brainstorming ways to fill it all the way up so that more people can enjoy what’s inside.”

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