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Top Ten Ways to Elevate Your Life

The Yellow Kite is all about sharing my stories and insights in the hope I can help others elevate their lives to the levels they want and deserve. Today I’d like to share a quick-reference method to elevating your life, in any situation.

Before I post the list, I’d like to suggest you do a quick visualization before and after reading it. The visualization is very simple and will help you quickly recall this list as a viable option in any situation. Picture a yellow kite slowly climbing into the sky, see it moving away from whatever situation is on your mind. Allow it to rise higher until it is sailing in the wind, high above all else, free and light. The kite is you…you at a higher level. As you take any of the top ten actions, invoke this vision and allow your kite–yourself–to move up and away from negativity and pettiness, to move up toward your dreams and desires, and to move up toward living your life from a higher plane.

Top Ten Ways to Elevate Your Life

1.  Wake UP

Wake up to what you really want in your life, how you want to live your life, what your dreams and desires are.  Make time for the important relationships and stop wasting precious time on ones that are draining and have a negative impact on you. Live consciously; stop going through life half asleep! Identify your passions and let those serve as the alarm clock that gets you up and moving each and every moment.

2.  Speak UP

You are imbued with power, love and good; do not let fear keep you from expressing your true voice! Speak up for yourself, for your dreams, for those who cannot find their own voice. The spoken word is so very powerful in making change. If you have a message for one person or the world, speak it from a place of love and courage, speak it with clarity, speak it with purpose.

3.  Listen UP

Listening can be external or internal. When you listen to others, give them the gift of true listening. Do not interrupt, do not judge, do not think ahead to your own response. Quiet your mind, open your ears, and listen. Your listening to others is a gift and you have the right to set the boundaries of that gift–determine what you will or will not allow others to say to you, when and where you are available, etc. Don’t forget to give yourself the gift of listening, too. Set aside time for prayer and/or meditation and listen for the quiet answers from your inner voice.

4.  Stand UP

There is a Japanese proverb that says, “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” Life knocks us all down once in a while. We have a choice, do we stay down or do we stand up again? Stand up! You might be a bit wobbly for a while, but find other stand-up people to help steady you. Find strength in who you really are, not who others believe you to be. Stand up so you can sail your kite!

5.  Cheer UP

Find joy. Find hope. I do not want anyone to think I take your life’s worries lightly, but no matter what you’re going through, you can find something to bring a moment of joy into your life! Each joyful, funny, light moment you embrace will help you elevate your life. If you can find one moment, you can find another, then another. Pretty soon you will be in a more cheerful place than you started. Spend time with people who cheer you up instead of bring you down; don’t take yourself so seriously, laugh at your foibles; find a way to bring cheer to another, it will have the affect of bringing cheer to you, too! Most importantly, never forget that you are responsible for your own joy–others may act in ways that could diminish your joy if you let them, but you have the choice in how you react, so do not give that power away!

6. Hang UP

Hang up on old worn out relationships. Hang up on naysayers. Hang up on outdated thinking and habits. Hang up on anyone or anything that is keeping you down. Dial up a new number! Dial up new, positive friendships. Dial up new standards and boundaries. Dial up new dreams and desires. Dial up your true potential!

7.  Make UP

Are you holding a grudge? Have you wronged someone? I learned a long time ago that when someone has done us wrong, they have usually moved on and forgotten about it, while we hold onto the bitterness. Release that toxicity and offer forgiveness to others, for your own sake. On the other hand, if you know you have offended another, be the bigger person and offer apology. Take care of your unfinished business and lighten your load! Operate in the spirit of forgiveness rather than in the spirit of hurt and anger.

8.  Smarten UP

There is vast knowledge all around us. While watching mindless television or surfing the web for nonsensical content can be entertaining, it “dumbs us down”. Make an effort to learn something new each and every day! Expand your knowledge, your perspective, and your awareness. In the process, you’ll become more interesting to be around!

9.  Kiss UP

Kissing up is the act of being kind–of being true to our values–to those who are not being kind in return. It is not allowing perpetual abuse or bad behavior (that requires setting and invoking strong boundaries), but rather turning the cheek from time to time and being kind, regardless the attitude or actions of others. Your attitude and actions of kindness may or may not be recognized by others, but you will know it and your kite will sail a bit higher because of it!

10.  Look UP

Looking up is the process of finding time to renew your spirit. Set aside time for spirituality, for seeking wisdom, for identifying vision in your life. Looking up also means literally looking up–get outside of your own head and worries, and notice the vastness of the sky, the height of the trees, the freedom of the birds, and find perspective in that noticing.

These ten simple UPWARD actions will help you respond to situations in a way that elevates your life and lets your kite soar to great heights! Have a wonderful day, my friend!


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