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Top Ten Fun Things I’ve Done with Friends

I’ve been on the go today and rather than skip the Friday Top Ten List altogether, I’m going to keep it light and simple! Today has been spent with my BFF doing fun stuff…including breakfast and getting a new tattoo! Friendships, fun and spontaneity are all highly cherished by me and such an important part of life. Too often we plod through the day, grousing about life, waiting for our moment. Hell with that! Get out there and MAKE your moments!

In honor of BFF, here are my top-ten fun things I’ve done with friends throughout the years.

  1. Getting tattoos together.
  2. Sliding down a fun slide, when it’s closed.
  3. Rising to the challenge of re-enacting the famous When Harry Met Sally scene in a bar, loudly.
  4. Taking a train trip across country, with an on-board stalker who told us he worked for the CIA. We later found out he meant the Culinary Institute of America!
  5. Spending the Millennium celebration downtown Chicago; bouncing cars to get out of the parking lot.
  6.  Turn a dueling pianos night into a dance and sing along night.
  7. A week long girl’s trip to Cancun at an all inclusive resort.
  8. Reconnect with a dear, dear friend after a twenty+ year disconnect. A few cocktails, a sleepover and laughing ourselves to tears erased all those missed years.
  9. My first and last ski trip which involved me jumping off a moving ski lift at about 7′ in the air.
  10. And my most favorite thing of all are the impromptu get-togethers with friends that turn into great memories!

Life is too short to not have fun…go claim your share!


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