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The Pain of Life

If you know me or have come to know me through my blog, you realize how much I love life. You know I am an upbeat and optimistic person, willing to take the best from any situation and dispense with the rest. However, I am not oblivious to or insulated from the painful experiences of […]

My Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Quotes

For me, inspiration comes in many forms and I find I am most inspired when I’m creating. However, there are times I need a little extra boost, a little more can-do attitude, and a little reminder that ordinary people do extraordinary things all the time. For these moments, I often turn to inspirational people and […]

Top Ten Ways to Elevate Your Life

The Yellow Kite is all about sharing my stories and insights in the hope I can help others elevate their lives to the levels they want and deserve. Today I’d like to share a quick-reference method to elevating your life, in any situation. Before I post the list, I’d like to suggest you do a quick visualization before […]

Last I Checked, We Live in a Physical World!

The other day I heard something that bothered me. And, I was about to let it go, until I saw a clip of two women at the Grammy’s who, instead of giving a standing ovation to Glen Campbell’s performance, felt it was more important to Tweet to their virtual followers. Really? In a once-in-a-lifetime moment […]

Top Ten Fun Things I’ve Done with Friends

I’ve been on the go today and rather than skip the Friday Top Ten List altogether, I’m going to keep it light and simple! Today has been spent with my BFF doing fun stuff…including breakfast and getting a new tattoo! Friendships, fun and spontaneity are all highly cherished by me and such an important part of life. […]

Hearing vs. Listening

Last night was one of those nights I fell asleep right away, but woke about two hours later and struggled to fall back asleep the rest of the night. After a few hours of tossing and turning, I finally got up and turned on one of my favorite movies, City of Angels. If you have […]

Top Ten Self-Care Habits

Here we are just over a month into the new year. How many of you made a resolution to improve your health? How’s that going? I’ve heard from several people they’ve already slipped, haven’t made the progress they hoped, or haven’t even gotten started! Often we set unreasonable expectations for ourselves. It’s like driving a […]