What’s Your Filter’s Rating?

I used to fight a constant battle with dust in my house. Regardless how vigilant I was to pet hair and other airborne particles, I couldn’t win. That is until I realized the most effective method to dust reduction is to use filters with higher efficiency ratings! By replacing my air and vacuum filters with high quality ones, I have seen a drastic reduction in dust and allergy symptoms. My life has become much more enjoyable!

Putting this into the life-lesson context, are you filtering out as much contamination in your life as you need to be? Are you allowing toxic people, thoughts, behaviors, words, or feelings to slip into your life? Just like the dust blowing around a house, toxicity in people, thoughts, behaviors, and the like, can slip in unnoticed. It’s not until there is a build-up of dirty film covering things that we notice and decide to clean things up. By then we’ve already breathed in more than is healthy!

Look at the behaviors and words of the people you interact with, along with your own, and identify where a stronger filter could keep out some of the gunk. Who stinks up your life? Who dirties your spirit with negativity? What behaviors are clogging your filters? Upgrade your filters!

Equally important to what we keep out is what we do or do not keep in. What about the words, thoughts, behaviors and actions you’re putting out into the world? If they aren’t filtered, they can prove toxic to others. Are there things you should be putting out into the world that are stuck behind a clogged filter? If your filter is clogged, this can become toxic to you.

I have a dear friend who is fond of saying she needs to filter a little better. In her case, she means to think before speaking and to temper her opinions. I actually admire her ability to speak what’s on her mind, but she recognizes where an upgraded filter might be beneficial. While she is working to tone things down, I look at my own filter and see it clogged in an area that prevents me from speaking my mind as often as I should.

Just like a furnace filter, the more efficiently it does its job, the more efficiently the whole unit operates. It’s time I change my speak boldly filter and operate at an even higher level. What filters do you need to upgrade?


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