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Top Ten Reasons to Lighten Up!

If I had to describe my life’s philosophy in one quote, it would be this from Federico Fellini, “No matter what happens, always keep your childhood innocence. It’s the most important thing.”

I believe there are two ways to look at life. Either you see it as a struggle, something to endure and get through, or you see it as a playground that offers new options each and every day. I choose to play.

Today I’d like to share the Top Ten Reasons to Lighten Up. Stop taking yourself, and life, so seriously!

  1. It is more fun to be the jester than the judge! Trust me, the world won’t miss one less judgmental person.
  2. When you lighten up, you power-up! Being serious is energy draining.
  3. You might actually get to enjoy some great laughs!
  4. Lighten up and be more approachable. Serious people tend to scare others or make them uncomfortable.
  5. You’re boring. Really. If you’re always serious, analytical, pessimistic and/or judgmental, you suck the life out of the room. Lighten up and become more interesting!
  6. Lighten up your mood and you’ll actually move better, stand taller, and feel healthier.Your heavy attitude actually slows you down, makes you sluggish and heavy.
  7. When you lighten up, you open up. If you want to learn something, being in a spirit of lightness makes it easier to absorb and retain information.
  8. It shortens your bounce-back time (strengthens your resilience) from mistakes, heartache, and failure.
  9. Some of your best attributes are the creative-thinker, the fun-lover, the joke-player, the sightseer, and the dreamer. Don’t miss out on interacting with them because the adult in you thinks he/she knows it all.
  10. It’s liberating!

I have a good time and most times I’m so engaged in having fun that I don’t have time to worry about outside judgment. To me, there is nothing better than falling down to make a snow angel, spinning with arms outstretched in a summer rain, staring up in wonder at the stars in the night sky, or picking out cloud shapes in a summer sky. My inner child also enjoys turning a dueling pianos night into a karaoke dance fest, swinging like a child at the park, doing a cannonball into a pool and dancing with my dogs. I’m not always silly, but maintaining my childhood (child like) innocence keeps me balanced. At the end of my life, it will be these moments of spontaneous joy, not the number of times I was right, or if I was smarter or thinner than the next girl, that I want to remember. What about you? You do have a choice!


One comment on “Top Ten Reasons to Lighten Up!

  1. An amazing article, thanks for the writing.

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