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Shake It Up, Baby!

This wonderful world of social media sometimes makes me feel like a voyeur. For instance, this morning I know who got up and went to the gym, who is dragging ass, who is in a bad mood, who dreads the day ahead and who is sick. In a few instances—far fewer than I’d like to see—I see who is in a great mood and pumped up on life.

I also participate…I shout out when I’m looking for a friendly smile (or in this case a Like or ReTweet), when I have something annoying me, or just to say hello. I’m just putting that out there, to clarify I’m not stalking (or creepin’ on your Facebook)! Really, I’m not. However, I do notice. What I notice is a lot of people not feeling so good.

What is going on?

More specifically, how many people who write downbeat posts are really in state of pain, sadness, or feeling overwhelmed and how many are operating in a state of habitual Eeyore-ism? If you, or someone you know, are the former—truly in need—you have my sympathies and I hope you have the support you need, outside of the virtual world. Now if you’re one of the latter, let’s talk!

They say misery loves company. I guess. But, newsflash…JOY also loves company! In fact, JOY throws a much better party so you should go check it out! Oh, but you’re tired, and crabby, and just don’t feel like it. Fine. Hang out here with misery, whoop it up with your misery-loving companions. You think I’m being mean and have no idea why you’re in a bad mood? Well, that is true. Since you previously excluded yourself from the group who is really in a state of pain, that means you’re simply choosing to focus on the negative and be a party-pooper. Right? Then, no sympathy here.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let me share with you the simplest way to change your mood:  Shake it up, change your thoughts! Really, it is THAT simple. To make it even easier, change the music you normally listen to—and for goodness sake, turn off the news and degrading talk shows! If you normally listen to Top 40, turn to a techno station; if you listen to country, turn to a retro rock station. Let go, turn it up, and let the music flow through you. Oh, uh huh, I see your head bobbin and fingers tapping, you’re onto something! Now sing, loudly! Make your family, pets, or person in the next car want what you’re having!

Keep the groove going, but check in with yourself…instead of feeling tired and downtrodden, do you feel more energized; instead of being pissed off, have you realized it isn’t that big of a deal after all; or instead of dreading the day ahead, are you finding something to look forward to? If so, why not post that! Become an inspiration for others and in the process you’ll LOOK for more reasons to feel better!

Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang…


One comment on “Shake It Up, Baby!

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