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Is This Your Best?

I have a question for you, “How often do you exert your best?” I know there are individuals, companies and organizations that do commit to achieving and maintaining the highest standards, but there are also the opposite. A fair number of people do the minimum to just get by. How often have you found yourself criticizing a person for being lazy? How often have you been embarrassed by the American work ethic? How often do you notice shoddily done work or manufactured products? And how often do you encounter yet one more person, group, or company that is fighting for their RIGHTS, but when asked about RESPONSIBILITIES they shuffle their feet and pass the buck? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it and it is time for change!

I pride myself on my ability to recognize what needs to be done, then step up and do it to the BEST of my abilities. I pride myself on taking responsibility for my actions and outcomes, even when they fall flat. I also pride myself on my ability to look at situations, projects, and relationships from the other person’s perspective and do what needs to be done to meet those external expectations. Ok, so I think I’m pretty good at giving my BEST, are you?

Consider the most recent thing you did, the last interaction you had with someone, or a project that bears your name. Now, ask yourself if you gave it your BEST.  Are you PROUD  of your effort? Did you pay attention to the details? Did you go above and beyond the minimum required? Did you REALLY listen during conversation? If so, *high-five* to you; if not, why? Wait! Hold that thought…don’t answer yet, I’m going to shut you down before you have the opportunity to whine!

Here are some common responses:

  • My employer doesn’t give a ^#*, so why should I?
  • I’m too busy!
  • Nobody will notice.
  • My spouse/kids/partner/employer didn’t do their part.
  • It’s not something I really care about (it’s just a job).
  • I will only have to do the same thing again tomorrow, so why bother?
  • Let somebody else take care of me for a change.
  • I don’t have any interest in making anyone else happy, comfortable, or rich!

Did you find yourself saying any of the above, or something similar? Tsk tsk! The true message beyond this ranting about laziness and ineptness is this:  YOUR efforts toward a Job Well Done speak volumes about who you are, your belief in yourself, and your personal power! I’m all about helping people be strong and move away from their victim roles in life, and this–doing your best–is an important step on that journey.

When you succumb to the “everyone else does it this way” mentality, you are diminishing your light, you are letting others direct your life, and you are allowing yourself to play small. Please stop. Make a commitment to yourself and tackle the next thing–and I don’t care if it’s cleaning a toilet or flying a rocket ship–with pride of ownership! Do it for YOU; do it for the satisfaction of doing something completely and to the best of your abilities; do it so you can reflect at the end of the day and know you did something 100%!

Your efforts may go unnoticed by others, but  they WILL make a difference at some level. They will create a shift within you and with consistency, that shift will affect change around you. Can you imagine how quickly our lives would improve if EVERYONE stopped passing the buck and gave maximum effort, all the time? Perhaps we could revive the slogan “American Pride” in the way it is intended, or perhaps we could truly become “One World United”. However, for today, I simply ask that you connect with the part of yourself that WANTS to rise above the norm and JUST DO IT with 100% effort!

Now get out there and have a great day!


One comment on “Is This Your Best?

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