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The Top 10 Reasons to Live Fully Today!

Starting with this post, each Friday I will post a Top 10 List. Most will be relevant to life skills, but I may throw in a few inane lists for fun once in a while!

The Top 10 Reasons to Live Fully Today!

  1. The most obvious reason is because we do not know at what moment we will croak!
  2. Because we don’t know if this conversation or time spent with a friend or loved one will be our last.
  3. Because if you’re always waiting for “tomorrow” or until you are wealthy enough, thin enough, confident enough, etc. you are missing out on the right now in front of you.
  4. Living with verve excites others and without knowing it, that becomes your legacy.
  5. Speak what needs to be said. Too often we miss opportunities to clear the air or tell someone how much we love them. “Should have” does you no good when the opportunity vanishes and those unspoken words become a hindrance to relationships or a burden you have to carry.
  6. The past is over, stop longing for it! This is your life NOW. If you want to look back, do so to appreciate where you were and where you are; if you want to look to the future, do so from a place of appreciating where you are NOW as the reason the future can be different.
  7. Because your good intentions may remain forever just those. If you want to make a difference  you can do that today! You don’t have to wait to do it in a big way. Small acts of kindness impact people in a big way, too! Cut a neighbor’s grass, adopt a kitten, pay for someone’s coffee…you don’t have to run a multinational charitable organization to impact the world.
  8. Because today brings amazing opportunities! You can do something different, become more than you were, have something new, give of yourself in a new way. Don’t play small today!
  9. Once today is spent, it is spent. You cannot reclaim it, you cannot bank it for another day. Don’t squander your time, your talents, your love, your connection to others, your opportunities, etc. You want to end the day broke–without one red cent of today left over!
  10. Because you matter! Yes, you do! Today is for you…grab it, live it, love it!

Have a GREAT day!


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  1. Yes, the now that we live in right at this moment is where it’s at! We can all begin to enjoy and do all the things that truly matter to us and we can begin TODAY!

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